An initiative by CRT Legal and Immigration Care designed for Canadian Employers.

Labour Solutions Canada refers pre-screened and immigration-ready foreign candidates to Canadian employers.

Finding the right employees and getting them to Canada to start working can be a complicated process. We are not your typical recruitment provider; Labour Solutions Canada is a team of immigration experts who provide Canadian employers with referrals to pre-screened and immigration-ready foreign candidates. We have a growing database of foreign candidates ready to start working in Canada and our team regularly attends overseas job fairs and immigration tradeshows on behalf of Canadian employers.

Our Services

  • Assessing your business’ employment needs
  • Refining your job descriptions to attract international employees
  • Showcasing Canadian employers and job opportunities at overseas tradeshows
  • Pre-screening foreign candidates’ resumes
  • Facilitating next-day virtual interviews with Canadian employers
  • Assessing candidates for immigration readiness
  • Determining viable immigration route(s)
  • Preparing, submitting, and managing applicable immigration applications
  • Travel and landing instructions for foreign candidates and employers
  • Tracking work permit expiry dates (in preparation for next-step recommendations)


In-depth assessments of foreign candidate’s experience and qualifications, background checks, settlement services, or guarantees

Upcoming Tradeshows

Dublin, Ireland

October 15, 2022

Cork, Ireland

November 5, 2022


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